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Versa Tray for HT 044
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Versa Tray for HT 045
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Versa Tray for HT 135
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Versa Tray for HT 245
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Product description

Introducing our newest innovation, the VersaTray.

The convenient VersaTray is designed to streamline the workflow of salons and improve efficiency.

Compatible with Human Touch Massage Chair HT-135, HT-044, HT-045, HT-245.

Includes VersaTray only, (Tablet, Tablet holder, LED light, pedicure spa, massage chair, and pedicure stool not included)

Product information

The VersaTray provides an extended workspace so nail technicians can perform hand and foot services in one location.

Clients can now enjoy a peaceful spa experience without moving from one workstation to another.

Technicians can perform multiple services all in one area while your customer sits comfortably in their massage chair.

Simply attach the VersaTray to the armrest of the pedicure spa when extra space is needed.

The light weight acetone-resistant tray is easy to clean and will streamline the workflow of your salon or business.

The VersaTray comes in four different models that are specially designed to attach to each massage chair differently.

Depending on your massage chair, choose from either HT-135, HT-044, HT-045 or HT-245.

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