Valpak Mani Kit -200 ct

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Product description

Each Valpak Mani Kit contains 200 packs, each containing a set of new tools to deliver a single manicure service. These one-time-use tools are prepackaged and ready to go, completely disposable to ensure that every client receives a safe, hygienic manicure. ANS Valpak Kits help salons maintain a safe environment and a fluid, efficient workflow with new tools for each client.

Each Valpak Mani pack contains 3 tools: 1 nail file, 1 buffer, and 1 wooden stick


Features of Valpak Mani Kit:

  • Valpak Mani Kit contains 200 pre-sealed packs, each with high-quality implements to deliver a single manicure service
  • Each pack contains 3 tools:
    • 1 nail file
    • 1 buffer
    • 1 wooden stick
  • Safe and hygienic. Prevent cross contamination and give clients peace of mind with brand new manicure tools every time
  • All tools are completely disposable; use once and throw away (or send with client for self-care at home)
  • Contains tools needed for a single manicure service, prepackaged in small packs that are easy to store
  • Time saver. Save extra time it would take to gather, clean, and sterilize implements, freeing up time that could be used to serve additional clients
Product information
  • Total quantity: 200 packs—each pack contains:
    • 1 nail file
    • 1 buffer
    • 1 wooden stick
  • Dimensions:
    • Nail file: 80/120, 115 x 14 x 2 mm
    • Buffer: 100/160 grit, 54 x 25 x 12 mm
    • Wooden stick: pointed and 2 slant 45 degree, 128 x 3.8 mm
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