Therapina Robo Massage Chair

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Therapina Robo Massage Chair

Therapina Robo Massage Chair

Therapina Robo Massage Chair

The next best thing to a professional live-in masseuse, the highly advanced Robo Massage Chair features the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer completely personalized and extremely lifelike massages, setting new standards in the industry.

Just as a real massage therapist varies speed, intensity, and technique according to your body type and needs, the Robo uses AI to map out skeletal structure, detect shiatsu points, and sense the degree of muscle tension, then uses this information to deliver a lifelike massage that is completely personalized just for you and your body’s needs at that moment.

Designed to adapt to every member of the family 12 and up, the Robo recognizes and remembers each person’s unique settings and needs.

Features of Therapina Robo Massage Chair:

  • Highly personalized full body massage programs to improve physical and mental health
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technology maps out skeletal structure and muscle size and shape, detects shiatsu points, and senses level of muscle stiffness
  • Mechanical “hands” with second finger joints and 5-finger massage to replicate the feeling of human hands
  • 7 program categories:
    • Recommended
    • Healthcare
    • Area Concentration
    • Children’s Program
    • Posture Adjustment and Zazen
    • Stretch Exercise and Yoga
    • Museum
  • 22 total automatic programs
  • Heater on back and heels
  • Deep sole 3D shiatsu foot massage
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Facial recognition log-in
  • Quiet operation
  • 10.1” Touch-screen tablet to control settings
  • Back-loaded speakers with noise reduction dome
  • Built-in soothing music and narration for relaxation
  • Smartphone or tablet connection to play your favorite music


Therapina Robo Massage Chair


Auto Sensors and Intelligent AI for a Completely Personalized Massage

More than your average massage chair, the Robo chair has artificial intelligence mechanisms to deliver a highly personalized massage.

As soon as you sit down, AI sensors automatically detect your skeletal structure, muscle shape and size, and location of shiatsu points throughout the body, using this information to personalize your massage.

The Robo’s AI also detects the level of stiffness in your muscles to determine speed and intensity of rollers—when your muscles are tense, the rollers will deliver a slow, deep massage, gradually shifting to a gentler and more rhythmic massage as your muscles loosen.

Facial recognition in the camera lets each family member easily log in with his or her unique settings simply by sitting down and looking at the tablet screen.


Therapina Robo Massage Chair

Therapina Robo Massage Chair


22 Beneficial Automatic Programs

Choose from 22 automatic programs that are divided into 7 categories:

  • 7 program categories:
    • Recommended
    • Healthcare
    • Area Concentration
    • Children’s Program
    • Posture Adjustment and Zazen
    • Stretch Exercise and Yoga
    • Museum

The Robo Chair can deliver the perfect personalized massage for every person in your family, giving pampering tailored to every age, need, and body type.

Focus massages on specific areas of the body, and also select any areas you want skipped (due to injury, etc.) If you don’t have a specific program in mind, the Robo will recommend a program based on the current condition of your body.


Therapina Robo Massage ChairTherapina Robo Massage Chair


3D Human-like Massage Capabilities

A hybrid of AI and mechanical “hands” with second finger joints and 5-finger massage replicate the feeling of skilled human hands, the closest thing to having your own personal skilled masseuse.

Feel your stress melt away with a deep sole layer 3D shiatsu massage on the feet that feels as if they’re being held and kneaded.


Therapina Robo Massage Chair


Heighten Your Relaxation with Soothing Sounds or Music

Music and pleasant sounds have been proven to benefit your mental health and well-being.

Enhance your relaxation and increase feelings of happiness by listening to soothing built-in music and narration to guide you on a mental path to inner peace.

Also enjoy your own favorite music by connecting your tablet or smartphone.


Product information

Therapina Robo Massage Chair

Product name HCP-LPN30000A HCP-LPN30000D HCP-LPN30000E
Power supply AC 120V AC 220-240V AC 110V
PowderRated power consumption 270W (with the heater used); heater only: 38W
Rated frequency 60 Hz 50-60 Hz 60 Hz
Rated time 30 minutes
Appliance Class Class 01 equipment
Upper body Back mechanism Kneading speed Approx. 5 times/min. at minimum, approx. 20 times/min at maximum
Tapping speed Approx. 165 times/min. at minimum, approx. 450 times/min at maximum
Automatic program 22 types
Area concentration program 9 types
Air pressure Approx. 30kPa
Footrest adjustment range Approx. 11 inches (27 cm)
Reclining angle Approx. 93o to approx. 1533o from floor level, stepless (electric reclining)
Dimensions of main unit (Upright) 42 x 53 x 56 inches; (Fully reclined) 42 x 87 x 38 inches
Weight 254 pounds (115 kg)
Outer covering Synthetic leather
Accessories Power cord, T-wrench, tablet
Packaging 2 packs/chair
Manufactured and distributed by Family Inada Co., LTD. 1220, Takata, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
Manufactured by Family Inada Co., LTD.
Warranty 5 year warranty (3 years for parts & labor, additional 2 years for parts)
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