Therabath Paraffin Wax Eucalyptus

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Therabath Paraffin Beads - Eucalyptus 1 lb

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Therabath Paraffin Beads - Eucalyptus 6 lbs

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Therabath Paraffin Beads - Eucalyptus 24 lbs

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Product description

Introducing the next generation of wax—softer, smoother, and much easier to use. Therabath Paraffin Beads are tiny beads of paraffin wax that are easy to measure and melt much faster. This wax is lightly scented with eucalyptus and blended with essential oils, so it stays incredibly soft and pliable. Therabath Beads are easy to use and easy to clean up, with none of the mess usually found with dry and brittle wax. Easily offer soothing wax facials or complement your manicure and pedicure services by offering paraffin wax treatments that will soften, moisturize, and brighten skin that is dry and dull. 

Features of Therabath Paraffin Wax Eucalyptus:

  • Small beads of paraffin wax that are easier to portion and melt faster than wax blocks
  • Leaves skin noticeably softer, healthier, and more youthful in appearance
  • Moisturizes dry, tired, and overworked skin
  • Offer valuable salon services such as paraffin treatments and facials
  • Provides comforting heat therapy for muscle pain or stiffness, and eases inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Soft and pliable with no mess
  • Blended with beneficial oils for gentle, supple wax beads—no additional oil needed
  • Suitable to use in all paraffin baths
  • Revitalizing scent of eucalyptus
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No oily residue
  • Paraben-free
  • Made in the USA
Product information
  • Total Quantity: 1 package
  • Size—Available in:
    • 1 pound
    • 6 pounds (refill carton with 6 individually wrapped 1lb packages)
    • 24 pounds (refill carton with 24 individually wrapped 1lb packages)
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