Silence A200 Aerosol Suction Machine

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Product description

Keeping your air clean and healthy is of utmost importance in a nail salon, where nail dust, fumes, and viruses may linger in the indoor air. The Silence A200 Aerosol Suction Machine suctions airborne droplets, dust, and particles and, using advanced triple filtration and sterilization, helps remove these impurities before they can disperse and contaminate the room. The A200 quietly exhausts clean, sterilized air back into the room, improving the overall air quality and helping to remove viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles in aerosol droplets. Its sleek, simple design is easy to use and the joint arm can be positioned exactly where you need it to capture contaminated air.

Features of Silence A200 Aerosol Suction Machine:

  • Suctions then filter and sterilize airborne droplets and particles to minimize contamination of indoor air
  • Helps remove viruses, bacteria, and dust particles from the surrounding air
  • Improves the health and safety of your workplace
  • Helps prevent illness from airborne droplets
  • 3 levels of filtration:
    1. Aerosol capture, moisture drying, and dust filter
    2. ULPA filter (99.995%) contaminant and fine dust removal
    3. Carbon filter
  • UV/LED and plasma ionizer sterilization
  • Easy-to-use touch panel
  • A jointed arm that can easily be positioned where you need it
  • Noise silencer for quiet operation
  • Sleek, simple design
  • Four rolling casters to easily move around the room
Product information
  • Total Quantity: 1 aerosol suction machine
  • Total product weight: 33.3 pounds
  • Description: Dental extraoral vacuum suction
  • Model: Silence series
  • Materials: ABS, PET, Aluminum
  • Power supply: Single phase AC 220V~240V 50~60Hz or 100~120V 50~60Hz
  • Output power: 1200W [120V], 1200W [230V]
  • Electrical current(A): 230V [5A] / 120V [8A]
  • Airflow: 220L/min
  • Air pressure: 23kpa [50Ø]
  • Filter: 1st filter [Medium filter], 2nd filter [Super bio ULPA filter]97% ~ 99.995%, 3rd filter [Carbon filter], 4th Noise block
  • Noise level: 65dB
  • Arm size: 63 inches / box size: 28 x 9.2 x 11 inches
    Arm weight: 3.3 pounds / box weight: approx. 6.6 pounds
  • Body weight: 30 pounds / box weight: approx. 40 pounds
  • Body size: 6 [W] 28.7 [H] 13 [D] inches
  • Box size: 7 [W] 38.7 [H] 17.7 [D] inches
  • Control mode: step 1~9
  • Motor operating temperature: 5~40℃
  • Basic Components: Main body, 3 joint arms, power cord, O hood, Aluminum hood, 1st spare filter
  • Warranty: Suction motor guarantee of 1 year with a max duration of 1000 operating hours (motor running time)
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