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QT™ Brush Cleaner - 16oz

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QT Brush Cleaner 1 Gal

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Product description

Use QT Brush Cleaner after every service to clean leftover acrylic and other product from your brush. This effective cleaner keeps bristles soft and natural and extends the life of your favorite sable and kolinsky brushes.

Features of QT Brush Cleaner:

  • Loosens built-up acrylic and other product from brush bristles
  • Keeps sable and kolinsky bristles soft and prevents them from hardening and losing their shape
  • Helps disinfect bristles
  • Keeps your brushes clean and ready-to-use
  • Extends the useful life of your brushes
Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 container
  • Size—available in:
    • 16 oz
    • 32 oz
    • 1 gallon
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