Pedispa Acrylic Protected Screen - 21 inches

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Product description

This sturdy screen easily mounts above any pedicure spa to protect both client and technician from respiratory droplets spread through the air. The screen is completely clear, giving an effective shield from germs without getting in the way of the pedicure experience. The screen attaches securely to two wooden mounts on either side, and mounts have multiple slots to easily adjust screen placement higher or lower as needed. The assembled set up is completely portable and can be removed or placed over a different pedicure spa at any time. When you put safety first, clients can completely relax and fully enjoy their luxurious pedicure.

Features of Pedicure Screen Protector:

  • Protective screen that fits over pedicure spa
  • Shields client and technician from coughs, sneezes, and other respiratory droplets during a pedicure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Completely portable
  • Arch at the bottom of screen gives enough room to place feet comfortably on footrest
  • Screen is completely clear so client can still communicate easily and see everything going on
  • Screen inserts into slots on wooden mounts, and screen can be adjusted higher or lower as needed
  • 10 slots on each mount
  •  Made of solid, sturdy acrylic


  • Acrylic screen is not resistant to acetone or chemicals—in case of spill, clean screen with soap and water
  • If static electricity builds up and attracts dust, wipe down screen with liquid softener

Please Do Not Use Alcohol or Acetone to Clean around the Edges of the Acrylic Screen.

Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 screen protector (includes 2 wooden mounts)
  • Dimensions: 21 x 18.5 inches (acrylics); 17.5L x 47H (Wood stands)

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Pedispa Acrylic Protected Screen - 21 inches
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