Osaki OS-Pro Omni

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Product description

Osaki OS-Pro Omni

The innovative Osaki OS-Pro Omni Massage Chair uses the latest technology for the most enjoyable and relaxing massage possible. Backrest scanning adjusts pressure and movement for your individual needs. The OS-Pro Omni features 6 preset programs and 4 manual styles to customize your perfect massage experience. Calming heat therapy, calf kneading, and spinning reflexology foot rollers features further increase your relaxation.

The innovative, full body L-track roller system massages the neck area, continues through to the lower back, then massages the glutes and upper hamstrings, all while in the Zero Gravity position to maximize intensity and provide optimal comfort.



6 preset programs and 4 manual massage styles

Equipped with several options to customize your massage to your personal needs and comfort level.


Auto Massage Programs

Full body massage with 6 different massage styles.

Position of the chair can be manually adjusted.

Massage session is 15 minutes by default.

Program Description
Deep Tissue

Full body deep tissue massage

This program focuses pn neck, shoulder, waist and hip


Full body streching

This program stretches the back muscles, hands, hamstrings and the full body.

Calm Full body gentle massage

Full body relax auto program

This program will start with a slow kneading and heavy tapping massage, progressing to in-depth massage targeting the neck and lower back.

Wake up

Full body wake up auto program

This program will deliver a light, stimulating tapping massage throughout the whole body.

Sleeping Gentle relaxation course based on tapping actions helps you to fall asleep with cradle alike function.


Backrest Scanning

A body scan measures the key areas of the back, including the height of the user, allowing the chair to deliver a more precise, effective, and customized massage.


Zero Gravity recline and heat therapy for maximum intensity and relaxation

Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning and supporting your back to increase the intensity of the massage. Heating pads in the lumbar areas further add to your relaxation by increasing circulation and loosening tense muscles.




Ergonomic space-saving design

Slides forward as it reclines so it only needs 4.7” from the backrest to the wall, making it easy to find a space for it in your home or office.


Foot roller massage

Spinning reflexology massagers perform a soothing kneading style massage on the bottom of the feet, stimulating acupuncture points and generating a deep massage.



Additional features

L-track roller system; Bluetooth; 5-30 min. auto timer



1 Osaki OS-Pro Omni massage chair

Product information


Name Massage Chair
Model Os-Pro OMNI
Voltage 110-120V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumprion 220W
Timer 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Max Time Rate 30 minutes
Dimensions (L x W x H) Apright 62.6" x 33.1" x 49.2"
Reclined: 74.8" x 33.1" x 36.2"
Weight Net weight: 216.1 lbs
Gross weight: 264.6 lbs
Length of Wire Controller wire: 59.0"
Power supply wire: 70.9"
Usage Condition Enviroment temperature: 32~95oF
Contrasting humidity: 20-80RH
Storage Condition Storage temperature: 23~95oF
Contrasting humidity: 20-80RH
Safety Feature Equipped with overheating, auto shutoff
Maximum Weight of User 260 lbs
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