Mavex Calluspeeling Ultra Sachet Kit

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Product description

Mavex Calluspeeling Ultra Sachet Kit contains everything you need to perform a complete Calluspeeling treatment, including Ultra Sachet patches, spatula, file handle, file replacement pad, and daily care cream.

Calluspeeling is a revolutionary new treatment to remove tough calluses and give the feet extraordinary shine and softness. This innovative new method uses very pleasant and delicate procedures for removing calluses, doesn’t involve any blades, cutters, or drills, and is easy for any technician to perform as it does not require specialized knowledge or training.

Features of Mavex Calluspeeling Ultra Sachet Kit:

  • All inclusive kit. Get everything you need to perform highly sought-after Mavex Calluspeeling treatments, all in one convenient kit.
  • Great for any tech, any salon. Calluspeeling is a luxurious option for high-end salons and for salons with limited access to water, as this method eliminates the need for soaking.
  • You can reassure your customers that their procedure is clean and hygienic. No soaking in a bowl required, and patches and file replacements are disposable.
  • The absence of blades eliminates any danger of bleeding, meaning the treatment can safely be performed by a trainee or less experienced therapist.
  • Time-saver. While patches are treating the feet, the tech can perform other services and beauty treatments.
  • No harmful chemicals. Mavex products are free from parabens, formaldehyde, paraffins, and mineral oil.

To Use:

  • Apply patches over callused areas on feet (sole and metatarsal regions).
  • Wrap feet with vinyl film and leave on 15 minutes.
  • Remove film and patches.
  • Peel off calluses with the special Mavex Spatula and polish the skin with Mavex File.
  • Wash feet with a damp cloth and dry.
  • Apply Mavex Foot Daily Care Cream to feet.
Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 kit
  • Kit includes:
    • #12 Calluspeeling Ultra Sachet
    • #1 Mavex Spatula
    • #1 Mavex File
    • #10 Mavex File Replacement
    • #1 Mavex Foot Daily Care Cream 100ml
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