Magic Nail Off - Yellow, Green, Orange, Red

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Product description

This easy-to-use device helps safely aid in removal of old acrylic nails and tips. Its design makes it easy to grip and control so it encourages the acrylic to gently peel away from the nail bed, helping protect the natural nails.

Features of Magic Nail Off:

  • Safely and easily helps removes acrylic nails and tips
  • Helps with smooth, clean removal
  • Speeds up removal of old nails
  • Designed for firm grip
  • Available in several bright colors

To use:

  • Using a nail clipper, cut acrylic nail down as short as possible
  • Place one end of Magic Nail Off into split between acrylic nail and the natural nail
  • Gently try to peel acrylic nail off
  • If met with resistance and nail does not easily peel off, soak nail in nail polish remover for 2-3 minutes (Never force a nail off)
Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 Magic Nail Off
  • Dimensions: L 3.75 x W 1.5 (at widest) inches
  • Color—available in:
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
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