HealthyAir Ceiling Mount Source Capture Air Purification System Single Inlet, w/ LED (White)

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Product description

HealthyAir Source Capture is an advanced ceiling mounted air purification system perfectly suited for nail salons to create a safer, healthier breathing environment for both employees and clients. Using an innovative 3-stage process and patented eHEPA technology, the unit collectively uses 5 filtration methods to purify the air and remove common salon contaminants such as chemical fumes, fine powders, nail dust, odors, and other ultra-fine particles.

The HealthyAir Ceiling Mount Source Capture exceeds IMC Ventilation Code requirements and is easy to use and maintain with a simple remote to control both air flow and sound level. Mounted conveniently out of the way on the ceiling, you and your clients can breathe clean, healthy air every day.

Features of HealthyAir Ceiling Mount Source Capture Air Purification System Single Inlet Vent Recirculating White LED:

  • Effectively collects and removes airborne particles and vapors from the breathing zone in a room to improve air quality and provide a safer, healthier breathing environment
  • Collects airborne contaminants often present in nail salons, such as disinfectant odors, nail dust, ultra-fine particles, chemical vapors, and powders
  • Patented eHEPA technology that uses a 3-stage filter process and 5 filtration methods (sieving, direct impact, inertial impaction, diffusion, and electrostatic) to filter and thoroughly purify the air you breathe
  • Ceiling mount unit designed to mount flush and blend with any drop ceiling with a standard 2 x 2 feet panel arrangement and a minimum clearance of 18 inches
  • Ideal air purification system when floor space is limited
  • Simple remote-control operation
  • 3-speed fan to control air flow and sound level
  • Easy maintenance that doesn’t require tools
  • Fully complies with, and exceeds, IMC Ventilation Code requirements for nail salons
  • Single inlet
  • Serves one workstation
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Recirculating venting system
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 air purification ceiling mount unit
  • Dimensions: L 23.6 x W 23.5 x H 15 inches
  • Weight: 88 pounds
  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60 HZ
  • Power consumption (by fan speed): 201 W (high), 179 W (med), 140 W (low)
  • CFM Total (Cubic Ft/min): 226 (high), 188 (med), 144 (low)
  • Hose diameter: 3 inches
  • Standard extraction arm hose length: 7 feet (designed for salon ceiling height of approximately 10 feet)
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HealthyAir Ceiling Mount Source Capture Air Purification System Single Inlet, w/ LED (White)
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