Geluv™ Starter Kit - Platinum

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Product description

Beautiful Platinum Geluv Starter Kit

Kit contents:

Geluv Bedazzled(0.5oz)

Geluv Such Trickery (0.5oz)

Geluv Dont miss the Metro (0.5oz)

Geluv Power Duo, The Big Event (0.5oz)

Geluv Diamond Jubilee (0.5oz)

Geluv Grand Edition (0.5oz)

Geluv Award Winning (0.5oz)

Geluv Let's Celebrate (0.5oz)

Geluv Trimphant Victory (0.5oz)

Geluv The New Milenia (0.5oz)

Geluv Sticky Base Coat (0.5oz)

Geluv Glossy Top Coat (0.5oz)

10 Gel off Clips

18oz Cleanser

18oz Remover

1 French Brush

5 Files

5 Buffers

50 Wood sticks

250 Lint-free wipes

Product information

The Geluv Platinum Starter Kit contains 10 beautiful and beautiful Geluv colors.

This convenient kit also includes all the supplies needed to create beautiful gel nails.

Mix, match, or use each Geluv color individually.

Geluv™ was formulated with durability and flexibility in mind.

It cures in seconds, lasts up to 14 days and soaks off in minutes.

You'll get glossy, damage-resistant nails that are easy to take-off.

It’s the perfect alternative for people who use their hands often or for anyone who just wants a manicure that lasts!

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Geluv™ Starter Kit - Platinum
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