Exotic Tropics Menu Card 5 pcs set

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Product description

Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa™ is a popular line of aromatherapy pedicure spa products that lets your customers create custom masks, gel scrubs, scented lotions and massage oils. Follow our signature Botanical Escapes recipes to create perfect herbal pedicures with added aromatherapy benefits.

Exotic Tropics is a collection of 5 Menu Cards for soothing and energizing herbal pedicure services that feature a mixture of green tea with exotic herbs and oils such as ginger, bamboo, and kumquat. Each Menu Card describes a specific Exotic Tropics Herbal Spa pedicure service and is formatted for client viewing. Insert Menu Cards into Bamboo Menu Binder to present a selection of Herbal Spa services to customers.

Exotic Tropics Includes:

  • 5 Menu Cards and descriptions for these Herbal Spa pedicure services:
    • Soothing Bamboo
    • Elegant Cherry Blossom
    • Energizing Kumquat
    • Radiant Orchid
    • Sweet Passion Fruit

1 corresponding Recipe Card for Exotic Tropics herbal services

Product information

Total quantity:

  • 5 menu cards
  • 1 corresponding recipe card
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