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The only machine in the world capable of producing what your imagination tells you to. Thousands of nail polish colors with a great variety of tones and textures. For the first time, you can choose and produce the color, right away.

High gloss and stronger Tougher Top Coat extends the life of the wear to 2 weeks. The possibilities are endless. Try it to believe it

The Future of Polish - Polish Mixer - Preorder

Possible Combinations More than 100,000 possible combinations. Catalog accompany with 400 colors (approximate)

The Future of Polish - Polish Mixer - Preorder


Color chart will be digitized; we will provide you an app with hundreds of colors. You clients can use this app to match the color of her lipstick, eye-shadow, dress

The Future of Polish - Polish Mixer - Preorder


DreaMau Polish


The Future of Polish

1. DreaMau Touch Screen Descriptions

2. DreaMau Initial Setup

3. DreaMau Creating a Metallic Color

4. DreaMau How to Replacing a Cartridge

5. DreaMau Creating a Polish with Different Effect without Changing the Current Effect

Product information

The kit includes:

01 DreaMau machine.

01 Dreamau shaker.

01 Dreamau colors chart.

11 Cartridges, 5 colors and 5 effects: black, blue, red, yellow, white, glitter, metalic, pearl, shadow, neon yellow, neon red.

01 Beyond Polish Base Coat 80z.

01 Beyond Polish Tougher Top Coat 8oz.

01 Beyond Gel Mix 8oz.

01 Beyond Gel Base 8oz.

48 Dreamu Complete Glass Bottle - 11ml.

12 CYOGel Pink Coated Bottle 0.5oz.

100 Stainless Stell Cosmetic Balls.

DreaMau Machine                          

Semi-automatic Primary Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue Interchangeable Effects [All available in catalog]

Possible Combinations

More than 100,000 possible combinations Catalog accompany with 400 colors (approximate)

Products 1 nail polish every 2 minutes (approximate)

110 amp and 220 amp (dual automatic)


26” width x 20.5” height x 3” depth


1 year



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