Disposable Pumice Stone White- 500 ct (coarse)

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Product description

These high-quality coarse pumice stones fit just right in the hand, are easy to grip, and effortlessly remove the hardest calluses and toughest layers of dead skin on clients’ feet. Each pumice stone is completely disposable—a safer, better, and more efficient option for busy salons. Each client quickly receives a brand new, unused pumice stone—easier for you and added peace of mind for everyone. Keep your salon safe without needing to invest time in washing and sterilizing foot files, and you can even choose to give the pumice stone to your client afterward!

Features of Disposable Pumice Stone White- 500 ct (coarse):

  • Top quality disposable pumice stones to remove tough foot calluses for smooth, baby soft feet
  • Coarse grain
  • Perfectly sized for gripping comfortably in hand
  • One-time-use
  • Safe and hygienic—each customer gets a brand-new pumice stone
  • Helps prevent cross-contamination in your salon
  • Can send home with customer for self-care at home
  • Save time it would take to gather, wash, and sterilize foot files
Product information
  • Total quantity: 500 disposable pumice stones
  • Dimensions: L 3.15 x W 1.6 x D 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds
  • Grain: Coarse
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Disposable Pumice Stone White- 500 ct (coarse)
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