Cuccio Step 1 Salt Soak Milk & Honey 116 oz

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Product description

Step 1 Milk & Honey Salt Soak is made of an all-natural honey and sea salt blend to soften dead skin for easy removal and leave skin smooth and clean for the next pedicure step.

Cuccio Milk & Honey Pedicure System includes 4 distinct steps: soak, scrub, masque, and massage crème. This complete luxury pedicure experience uses nourishing milk to smooth and soften skin along with honey, a natural humectant, to moisturize and rehydrate dry legs and feet.


Features of Cuccio Step 1 Salt Soak Milk & Honey 116 oz:

  • A delightful, sensual soak that softens and breaks down dead skin before exfoliation for easy removal
  • Step 1 (soak) of the Cuccio 4-step Milk & Honey Pedicure System
  • Formulated to work in harmony with other steps in the Cuccio pedicure system to deliver a soothing and relaxing experience
  • All-natural honey and sea salt blend destresses, soothes, and revitalizes skin


Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 container
  • Size: 116 oz


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