CND Cerulean Blue Additives

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CND® Additives are the most innovative way to create gorgeous nail art.Twelve cosmetic-grade pure pigments and shimmering effects can be blended into any CND® sculpting liquid, powder, or gel. Or, top CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color with Additives for a custom finish.

Additives can be blended together to create a rainbow of colors, and the Additive effects give you different levels of shimmer and sparkle to choose from.

Offer no-limits nail artistry when you incorporate Additives into our Sculpting Liquid & Powder Systems, BRISA® Gel System, or CND® SHELLAC® brand.

Select from pure pigment colors in four hues: Yellow, Bright Red, Black, and Medium Green. Five pigment effects – Cerulean Blue, Haute Pink, Antique Bronze, Violet Pearl and Titanium Pearl and three effects– Pink Gold Sparkle, Green Gold Sparkle, and Spectrum Shimmer.

Re-create designer nail fashions as seen on the runway, or play with Additives to make your own signature hue.

Product information

Pure, concentrated pigments and sparkling effects designed to blend into Liquid & Powder and Gel or can be layered over CND Shellac™.

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