CND Cerulean Blue Additives

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Pure, concentrated pigments and sparkling effects designed to blend into Liquid & Powder and Gel or can be layered over CND Shellac™.

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CND® Additives are the most innovative way to create gorgeous nail art.Twelve cosmetic-grade pure pigments and shimmering effects can be blended into any CND® sculpting liquid, powder, or gel. Or, top CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color with Additives for a custom finish.

Additives can be blended together to create a rainbow of colors, and the Additive effects give you different levels of shimmer and sparkle to choose from.

Offer no-limits nail artistry when you incorporate Additives into our Sculpting Liquid & Powder Systems, BRISA® Gel System, or CND® SHELLAC® brand.

Select from pure pigment colors in four hues: Yellow, Bright Red, Black, and Medium Green. Five pigment effects – Cerulean Blue, Haute Pink, Antique Bronze, Violet Pearl and Titanium Pearl and three effects– Pink Gold Sparkle, Green Gold Sparkle, and Spectrum Shimmer.

Re-create designer nail fashions as seen on the runway, or play with Additives to make your own signature hue.

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