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Botanical Escapes Spa Gelee is the ultimate relief for aching leg muscles as well as tough foot calluses. Spa Gelee gives customers a unique pedicure experience with soothing heat therapy benefits, perfect for sore, tired legs and feet. Our specially formulated pedicure jelly retains heat 3 times better than regular pedicure products and is aromatherapy infused for a thoroughly relaxing experience. When added to water, Spa Gelee forms soft gel beads that create a relaxing and soothing sensation to open and deep clean the pores. Botanical Escapes Spa Gelee-Cucumber softens, hydrates, and exfoliates the skin while nourishing your customer’s feet with a fresh, crisp cucumber scent.

Features of Botanical Escapes-Spa Gelee Cucumber:

  • Comforting gel beads pedicure treatment for soaking and exfoliating
  • Soak feet in gel beads and use gel mixture to exfoliate customer’s legs and feet
  • Soothing heat therapy benefits to promote circulation and relax sore muscle
  • Retains heat 3 times better than regular pedicure products
  • Softens and hydrates skin
  • Opens up and cleans clogged pores for smooth, clear skin
  • Aromatherapy infused with fresh, crisp cucumber scent

To Use:

  • Pour one scoop of Spa Gelee by sprinkling over 1.5 to 2 gal. of warm water, and stir until beads form.
  • If necessary, add more water.
  • Add your favorite ANS essential oil (optional).
  • Soak feet and enjoy your heavenly pedicure.

After each pedicure, dissolve the gel beads using Botanical Escapes Dissolving Salt.


Package Content:

  • Total quantity: 1 container
  • Size: 1 gallon
Product information
  • Total quantity: 1 container
  • Size: 1 gallon
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