Botanical Escapes - Spa Gelee - Cucumber

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Gel Beads Pedicure Treatment

Invigorating Lavender Scent

Heat Therapy

Exfoliates and softens skin

Use with Botanical Escapes Dissolving Salt

1 Gallon

Product information

Botanical Escapes Spa Gelee is the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.

Spa Gelee gives customer a unique pedicure experience with soothing heat therapy benefits.

Our specially formulated pedicure jelly retains heat 3X better than regular pedicure products and is aromatherapy infused.

When added to water, Spa Gelee forms soft gel beads that create a relaxing and soothing sensation that opens and cleans the pores.

Spa Gelee softens hydrates and exfoliates the skin while nourishing your customer’s feet with an invigorating lavender scent.

Botanical Escapes Spa Gelee is perfect for foot care treatment, aching feet, and callus removal.

After each pedicure, dissolve the gel beads using Botanical Escapes Dissolving Salt.

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Botanical Escapes - Spa Gelee - Cucumber
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