Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa Pedicure - Investment Kit

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Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa lets your customers create custom masks, gel scrubs, scented lotions and massage oils. Choose your oil, choose your herbs, and mix with one of our unscented bases to create perfect herbal pedicures with added aromatherapy benefits.

The Investment Kit is a convenient, comprehensive kit for busy professionals that includes essential ingredients and equipment needed to perform an impressive selection of Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa Pedicure recipes in your salon.

Investment Kit includes bases, oils, and herbs needed to perform these Herbal Spa recipes:

1. Relaxing Lavender

2. Rejuvenation

3. Congestion Relief

4. Herbal Detox

5. Bridal Bouquet

6. Calming Tea Time

7. Migraine Relief

8. Renewing Rose

9. Muscle Tension Relief

10. Mental Clarity

11. Stress Relief

12. Just for Women

13. Exhilarating Java

14. Warm Cocoa


Investment Kit contains:

Bases (1 gallon each):

o 4 Herbal Spa Dead Sea Mineral Salt (1 gallon)

o 8 Gel Bases 

o 8 Mask Bases

o 4 Lotion Bases

o 4 Massage Oil Bases

Aromatherapy Oils (1 oz each)

o 4 Eucalyptus Essential Oils

o 4 Lavender Fragrance Oils

o 4 Lemon Essential Oils

o 4 Lemongrass Essential Oils

o 4 Orange Essential Oils

o 4 Peppermint Essential Oils

o 4 Rose Essential Oils

o 4 Rosemary Essential Oils

o 4 Tea Tree Essential Oils

o 4 Chocolate Cake Essential Oils

o 4 Java Essential Oils

• Herbs (1 lb. each):

o 4 Chamomile

o 4 Eucalyptus Leaf

o 4 Ginger Root

o 4 Green Tea

o 4 Lavender Flower

o 4 Lemongrass

o 4 Peppermint Leaf

o 4 Rose Bud and Petal

o 4 Rosemary

o 4 Spearmint Leaf

• Bamboo Ware/Equipment:

o 8 Bamboo Spa Trays

o 8 Bamboo Menu Binders

o 13 Bamboo Spoons

o 8 Bamboo Plates

o 8 Bamboo Spatulas

o 8 Bamboo Spa Manicure Bowls

o 2 Bamboo Oil Racks

o 8 sets of Menu Card Inserts (18 ct each)

o 8 Recipe Cards

o 1 Set Blank Customizable Price Lists (10 ct each)

o 2500 Souffle 2 oz Portion Cups w/ Lids

o 800 Wooden Mixing Sticks

o 1 Oil Dispenser (8 oz)

o 13 Large Herbal Canisterso 1 O’me Bamboo Diffuser

Promotional/Educational Items:

o 2 Herbal Spa Posters ($50 value)

o 1 DVD with Herbal Pedicure process & recipes ($20 value)

o 1 Herbal Spa Flutter Flag (includes flag pole and spike pole base)

(Some Investment Kit recipes require ground coffee and cocoa powder, which are not included in the kit; find them at your local grocer.)

Product information

Why Botanical Escapes products?

• Spa products rich in natural ingredients

• Unique mix & serve spa services

• Captivating, unique, and interesting chair-side product preparation

• Beautiful bamboo tools and serving ware

• Up-sale your salon services for higher salon profit

• Unique mix & use formula eliminates the need for large salon inventory

• Formulated for salons

• Easy to understand recipe cards

• Average cost per Herbal Spa service following recipe is $1

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