Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa Pedicure - Frui-Tea Kit

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Product description

Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa lets your customers create custom masks, gel scrubs, scented lotions and massage oils. Choose your oil, choose your herbs, and mix with one of our unscented bases to create perfect herbal pedicures with added aromatherapy benefits.

Herbal Spa Kits are a great way to get started creating incredible customized pedicures. Each convenient kit contains essential supplies needed to provide a selection of Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa Pedicure recipes in your salon.

Frui-Tea Kit includes bases, oils, and herbs needed to perform these Herbal Spa recipes:

  • Blueberry Sage
  • Tropical Lime
  • Wild Pomegranate
  • Mango Mandarin
  • Papaya Pineapple

 Frui-Tea Kit contains:

  • Bases (1 gallon each)
    • 1 Herbal Spa Dead Sea Mineral Salt
    • 1 Gel Base 
    • 1 Mask Base
    • 1 Lotion Base
    • 1 Massage Oil Base
  • Aromatherapy Oils (1 oz each)
    • Mango Mandarin Fragrance Oil
    • Tropical Lime Fragrance Oil
    • Blueberry Sage Fragrance Oil
    • Papaya Pineapple Fragrance Oil
    • Wild Pomegranate Fragrance Oil
  • Herbs (1 lb each):
    • 5 Green Tea
  • Equipment:
    • 1 Bamboo Spa Tray
    • 4 Bamboo Spoons
    • 1 Bamboo Plate
    • 1 Bamboo Bowl
    • 1 Bamboo Oil Rack
    • 1 Bamboo Menu Binder
    • 1 set of Frui-Tea Menu Cards (5 ct)
    • 125 Souffle Portion Cups w/ Lids
    • 200 Wooden Mixing Sticks
    • 4 Small Herb Canisters (5")
    • Herbal Blank Price List (10 ct)
  • Promotional/Educational Items:
    • 2 Herbal Spa Posters ($50 value)
    • 1 DVD with Herbal Pedicure process & recipes ($20 value)

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Product information

Why Botanical Escapes products?

  • Spa products rich in natural ingredients
  • Unique mix & serve spa services
  • Captivating, unique, and interesting chair-side product preparation
  • Beautiful bamboo tools and serving ware
  • Up-sale your salon services for higher salon profit
  • Unique mix & use formula eliminates the need for large salon inventory
  • Formulated for salons
  • Easy to understand recipe cards
  • Average cost per Herbal Spa service following recipe is $1
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