Beyond Carbide Drill Bit Kit

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Product description

Kit Includes:

1 - 3 way 3/32

1 - Coarse 3/32

1 -  Fine 3/32

1 - Smooth top Fine 3/32

1 - Underneath Medium 3/32

1- Beyond Bit Storage Box

Product information

The Beyond Carbide Bit is made of high-quality metal for fast and precise drilling.

Carbide drill bits feature cross-directional grooves that file and remove acrylics and other material from the nail, fast and easy.

Even more, Beyond bits also have a nickel coating that helps prevent rust and keeps the bit sharper for longer.

Beyond Carbide Bits are available in Fine, Medium and Coarse.

This professional quality bit produces effective results and attaches to most nail drills.

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Beyond Carbide Drill Bit Kit
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