BangBang Dipping - Bonder

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BangBang Bonder 0.5 oz BangBang Bonder 0.5 oz

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BangBang Bonder 2 oz BangBang Bonder 2 oz

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BangBang Bonder 16 oz BangBang Bonder 16 oz

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Product description

An important first step for dipping, Bang Bang Bonder preps the nail bed and removes oil to ensure proper adhesion and long-lasting wear.

Features of BangBang Dipping-Bonder:

  • Step 1 of BangBang Dipping System
  • Apply to nails before Base Coat to ensure proper adhesion
  • Sanitizes nails and removes oils
  • Ensures all layers of dip powder will properly adhere to the nail
Product information
  • Total Quantity: 1 bottle
  • Size:
    • 0.5 oz
    • 2 oz
    • 16 oz
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