BangBang Acrylic Dipping Powder 3 - in - 1

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Bang Bang Dipping Powder

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Bang Bang professional acrylic dipping powder is a high-quality powder with rich color and endless possibilities. Its versatility and multipurpose nature means you can keep fewer products in your inventory, as this single powder can be used for a variety of nail services. Excellent to use in conventional acrylic sculpting with liquid, no-liquid dipping technique, and Sprinkle Gel method. Bang Bang powders have a fine-grained consistency to give smooth, even coverage and beautifully intense color.

Features of Bang Bang Dipping Powder:

  • High quality powders. Bang Bang Powders have a fine consistency and are richly pigmented for smooth, even color.
  • Many color choices. Available in over 180 beautiful colors.
  • Versatile. Use for conventional acrylic sculpting with liquid, dipping, and Sprinkle Gel method, and also works well for 3D nail art techniques.
  • Lightweight and durable. High-quality, finely grained powders completely coat the nail for beautiful, long-lasting color.
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  • Total quantity: 1 jar
  • Size: 2 oz
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BangBang Acrylic Dipping Powder 3 - in - 1
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