Aora The #1 Kit

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Product description

1. Push Back cuticle and remove the shine from nature nails.

2. Apply Grip Base Gel and Cure*.

3. Apply gel color of your choice and Cure.

4. Apply a second coat of color gel if needed and Cure.

5. Use non-lint wipe with alcohol, remove the tacky layer of the color gel.

6. Apply thin and even coat of A-Ora Base Gel and Cure (10-15-30 seconds depend on LED lamp). Check on the hints below for using correct time line.

7. Use your applicator and apply the H6 Rainbow start from cuticle and work down.

a. Pick up a small amount and apply a thin with a little force to get the most beautiful effects.

b. For much Rainbow Hologram, pick up a small amount of 1 or more colors (included in the kit H1 - H5) and apply gently over the existing H6 Hologram.

8. Use non-lint wipe with alcohol carefully remove the free edges.

9. Apply Grip Base Gel also cover the free edges and cure*.

10. Apply one coat of A-Ora Top Gel and Cure for 1 minute*.

Product information

The kit contents

1 x 14ml grip Base

1 x 14ml Aora Base Gel

1 x 14ml Aora Top Gel

3 x 1g Liquid Polymers

1 x 1g Chrome Silver

1 x 1g Chrome Gold

1 x 1g Rainbow Hologram

1 x applicator

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