ANS Rhinestone Collection

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ANS Rhinestones Flower 576pcs/Wheel
ANS Rhinestones Pearl Round 576pcs/Wheel
ANS Rhinestones Big Square 288pcs/Wheel
Leaf Rhinestones In Wheel 1200ct
Butterflies Rhinestones In Wheel 720ct
Product description

These fun jewels bring your manicure to the next level by turning your nails into gorgeous works of art. These dazzling rhinestones gives nails added 3D texture and depth. With so many different colors and shapes, you can be as creative as you want and let your imagination run wild! Each container includes 12 different colors, each in its own separate compartment for easy access.

Apply to the nail with QT Nail Glue for fast, strong adhesion.

Just a few ideas for using ANS Rhinestones:

  • Use as a sparkling border between two different color polishes on the nail
  • Make fun patterns or pictures
  • Spell out letters
  • Place in select spots to accent a picture drawn on the nail
  • Cover the whole nail in rhinestones for an extra sassy dose of glam and bling
  • Anything else you can think of…
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  • Total quantity: 1 container
  • Size: Varies
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