ANS Infrared Foot Sauna - Mahogany

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Infrared Light Foot Sauna
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The Infrared Foot Sauna promotes healthy living by using safe and effective infrared heat technology.

This therapeutic foot sauna warms and soothes your feet and relaxes your body. 

Humans are made of 70% water, making it possible for Infrared heat to penetrate human tissue, increase your core body temperature and activate the body's thermal energy. The increase in body temperature improves circulation and helps in detoxification of impurities. 

Studies suggest that using infrared saunas may be effective in treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. 

When using, cover the sauna and your feet with a towel to help insulate the heat.

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ANS Infrared Foot Sauna - Mahogany
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