ANS Beyond Ceramic Drill Bit Underneath - Fine 1/8

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Product description

-Premium Quality

-Fast and precise drilling

-Safer for clients

-Less-abrasive to skin

-Less heat production


-No clogging

-Acid and Akali-resistant

Product information

The safe and sanitary ANS Ceramic Drill Bit provides fast and precise drilling without the dangers of metal drill bits.

Our ceramic drill bits are safer than metal bits because they are less-abrasive to your customer's skin.

These safe and efficient bits are made with very strong Zirconia material that produces less heat than metal drill bits.

Ceramic bits feature cross-directional grooves that remove acrylics and other products from the nail, fast and easy.

Use the ceramic bit for backfills, surface cleaning and other acrylic trimming.

ANS Ceramic Drill bits attach to most nail drills and are available in different grits to match your style.

Available in 1/8 or 3/32 sizes.

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ANS Beyond Ceramic Drill Bit Underneath - Fine 1/8
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